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About Us

Our Story

Why listen to us?

Liz’s and Ronda’s careers both began in the corporate marketing world before they each began their own online marketing business. Between the two of them, they have deep knowledge and experience with online marketing specialties like social media, social ads, business blogging, reputation management, SEO, email marketing, managing websites, integrated marketing strategies, and more. 

Our Passion for Small Business

We are small business owners ourselves who created businesses specifically to help other small business owners and solopreneurs with their online marketing. Not only do we understand the unique set of challenges small business owners face, we also understand the Ins and Outs of digital marketing plus the messages you are fed about all the “must dos”. That’s why we’re here to help cut through the fluff.

Liz Jostes

Liz Jostes’ corporate career in marketing was centered around consumer behavior and buying habits, and what causes a customer to make the buying decisions they do. After a few years spent learning about blogging, SEO, and social media on her own + identifying the parallels of offline to online marketing, Liz set out to found her own company in 2011, centered around helping small businesses establish and grow online.

Ronda VanBuren

Ronda VanBuren’s digital career started in the automotive industry in 2007. Throughout her career, she has worked in all aspects of traditional and digital marketing.

Liz Jostes

Owner, Eli Rose