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Why & How to Use Customer Reviews in your Marketing

Why & How to Use Customer Reviews in your Marketing
Why & How to Use Customer Reviews in your Marketing
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Why & How to Use Customer Reviews in your Marketing

According to statistics, up to 93% of consumers have made buying decisions based on reviews, and 90% of those surveyed said customer reviews were a factor in their buying decision. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the how and why of using customer reviews in your marketing.

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Episode 20 Summary:

  • Google reviews. Yelp reviews. TripAdvisor reviews. Angi’s List reviews. Even email testimonials. If your business is receiving reviews from your customers, it’s important to incorporate those reviews in your marketing and advertising.
  • Positive feedback from people who have patronized your business can and should be shared through your marketing and advertising. Often called, “social proof”, it provides potential customers with personal examples from current or past customers, and in turn, moves them further along the sales cycle.
  • First, let’s talk about common places to post your customer reviews: in social media posts, in social media ds, on printed marketing materials, on your website (especially pairing feedback for a particular product or service with that product’s or service’s web page). 
  • Next, here are a couple ideas of how to visually share your customer reviews in your marketing. You can simply screenshot the review as it’s posted on the review site or in email, or you can include the review and the customer’s name in a branded graphic – including logo – to use on your social channels or in your email marketing. Videos are also a great option for sharing review. 
  • Lastly, here are some ways to encourage more customer reviews: Directly ask a customer verbally, via email, or text, utilize a software that requests reviews and directs customers to a specific review site, either via email address or text message, sit postcards with step-by-step directions at check out counters.

Episode 20 Takeaways

Liz: Don’t stop and only read and reply to reviews; continue by executing on all the ways to make the most of those customer reviews for your marketing.

Ronda: Use the fact that customer reviews impact buying decisions as a good reason to put more effort towards getting and utilizing those reviews in your marketing.

Resources: Reputation Management 101

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