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Marketing Funnel Basics

Marketing Funnel Basics podcast with Michelle LaRue
Marketing Funnel Basics podcast with Michelle LaRue
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Marketing Funnel Basics

On this episode, we’re going to dive deep into the world of marketing funnels, uncovering strategies and insights to help your small business thrive. We’re also welcoming a special guest, funnel expert Michelle LaRue of SonjaBlue Digital Marketing.

We invite you to listen here on our website or from your favorite podcast player. Scroll below for episode summary and other resources.

Episode 25 Summary

  • “Funnel” is a term used in sales and marketing. Depending on its use, it means something different. For example, you have likely heard “funnel” used in a sales capacity with descriptions like “top of funnel”, “middle of funnel”, and “bottom of funnel”, and visualized with an upside down triangle. In this sense, you are describing the sales cycle, and driving a potential customer from the top part of the funnel, where they are beginning to hear about your brand and business, down to the bottom of the funnel, when they are ready to hire you or buy from you.
  • In the online marketing world, there’s another type of funnel, and that’s what we’re discussing today. The general concept is similar to the sales funnel we just described because you are trying to get new people who were otherwise unaware of your business into your funnel, but this type of funnel is digital in nature, and involves things like email marketing sequences, nurturing, and upsells and downsells. 
  • We invited a funnel expert to join us for this episode, and we’re going to let her share in much more detail about the Ins and Outs of funnels. We are excited to have Michelle LaRue on our podcast. Michelle is a marketing funnel expert who owns SonjaBlue Digital Marketing, where she helps business owners to develop amazing offers and then put the tech systems in place to automate marketing.
  • What are the main parts of a funnel and, on average, how long does it take to build? Can you share a few examples of common reasons small business owners use a funnel?
  • What are some things a small business owner should ask themselves and plan for when building all of the pieces of their funnel?
  • What advice do you have to track your funnel performance? What kind of conversion success is reasonable to expect when you get started with your first funnel? And how is it best to approach determining which parts of your funnel aren’t working?
  • What are some common pitfalls you’ve come across that our listeners should know to be careful of avoiding?

Episode 25 Takeaways

Michelle: It is so true that people who look like they have great offers often spent time, pain, trial, and effort to get them there. So, don’t decide your newest offer isn’t working too soon.

Liz: Just because you built it, doesn’t mean that they will come. Business owners can lose sight of what is most appealing to their ideal client; it might be what YOU want to offer but it might not be the hook that’s going to lead to the most effective funnel possible.

Ronda: Michelle’s example of the map and “what is your end game?” is my biggest takeaway from this episode. Know your expectations and KPIs.

Resources: Cold vs Warm Audience Targeting in Social Ads, Facebook Ads 101

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