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Landing Pages: What are They & How to Use Them in your Online Marketing

Landing Pages: What are They & How to Use Them in your Online Marketing
Landing Pages: What are They & How to Use Them in your Online Marketing
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Landing Pages: What are They & How to Use Them in your Online Marketing

Do you know the differences between landing pages and the rest of the pages on your small business website? In this podcast episode, we explore landing pages, what they are, and why and how to use them in your online marketing.

We invite you to listen here on our website or from your favorite podcast player. Scroll below for episode summary and other resources.

Episode 11 Summary: Landing Pages

  • Landing pages, also sometimes called sales pages, are pages added to your website with a single purpose and focus. Landing pages are often used in specific campaigns that you are promoting like a limited-time offer, to sell a specific product or service, or for opt-ins to grow your email list, for example, and may not be readily accessible on your website.
  • There are a few things that make a landing page different than other pages or blog posts on your website. First of all, all the text on the landing page is written to achieve one – and only one – call to action or CTA. As easy way to explain landing pages is to compare them to watching an infomercial or the Home Shopping Network….address a problem, provide a solution, and get the person reading or watching to act now to sign up for your offer.
  • Second, a landing page is absent of other features that could unintentionally redirect your website visitor to a different area of your website. For example, landing pages don’t have sidebars, a footer area or even the main navigation menu. Since you want anyone who lands on your sales page to stay focused enough to opt in to your email list or buy for your course or schedule a strategy call with you, you don’t want to have any distractions like a footer, sidebar, or menu for people to click on and take them away from your landing page.
  • In addition to the couple items we mentioned just now, there are features that every good landing page needs to have – many features that other website pages or blog posts wouldn’t typically have. They are: To agitate a problem, to show that you can fix that problem with what you are offering, what a person can expect as a result of you solving their problem, a bio and photo of you demonstrating your expertise, customer testimonials, and multiple buttons to click to complete your single call to action.
  • If you have more than 1 offer or more than 1 call to action, consider developing upsells or downsells as part(s) of your sales funnel.
  • Think of developing your landing page as a way to make a connection with the person reading it.
  • Videos are great…as long as you have relevant, important text on the page.
  • There are a couple ways to create a landing page. Many website platforms provide you a way to create a different page template to use as your landing page, meaning that template has no sidebar or footer, and the menu is absent. There are also several third-party software options to use for your landing pages and campaigns.
  • Make sure to have a back end system setup and working before you begin using your landing page.

Episode 11 Takeaways:

Liz: If you struggle writing sales copy, hire a sales copywriter – it’s worth it!

Ronda: It’s OK to test! And very likely, your first try at a new landing page is going to need further revisions.

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