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How to Plan and Build an Awesome Website

How to Plan and Build an Awesome Website
How to Plan and Build an Awesome Website
Real Talk No Fluff
How to Plan and Build an Awesome Website

What story does your website tell potential customers about your services, products, and brand?  Does your website give your clients or potential clients an incredible sales journey? Is it set up to convert prospects into sold customers?  In this episode, our guest is going to help you plan and build an awesome website.

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Episode 17 Summary:

We are so excited to have a guest join us for this episode! Kelly Ward is the owner of Digital K, a Website Design and Technical support firm. Kelly is a self-described “no-nonsense, no-fluff web designer.” Kelly is Ronda’s go-to person for WordPress websites and technical issues. Kelly is always willing to help and goes the extra mile to ensure clients understand what went wrong or give suggestions for a better customer experience on-site. 

In this episode, Kelly gives advice on:

  • Tips for business owners building a website from scratch
  • Why you might need help from a website developer even if you have too much business
  • How to improve your customer’s experience on your site and better address their questions and needs
  • Fully capturing key elements of your business and the process of working with you
  • Website design trends to avoid (because they are ineffective)
  • How to use competitor website comparisons to your advantage
  • Why you need a website even if you have sales funnel “sites” built
  • What specific pages every website needs
  • Your About page is not about you, and should really be about your ideal client
  • How to protect your site from hackers
  • How to determine if your current website is serving your business well

Episode 17 Takeaways:

Liz: Kelly’s example of her dog breeder client reveals a different side of and set of needs for website design updates that are rarely discussed. The moral of this story is to contact a web developer if your website isn’t working well for you in some way, even if business is good.

Ronda: Sometimes we need customers to do things for us along their journey, but at a specific time in the sales process (and not before).

Kelly: Plan, plan, plan…and then plan some more before beginning a website design and development project.

Resources: Intro to SEO, Do I Really Need a Website?

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