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Cold and Warm Audience Targeting for Social Media Advertising

Cold and Warm Audience Targeting for Social Advertising
Cold and Warm Audience Targeting for Social Advertising
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Cold and Warm Audience Targeting for Social Media Advertising

You’ve set your sights on Facebook, Instagram, or maybe even LinkedIn or Pinterest for your business ads. Here’s the game changer: it’s not about where your ads appear but who sees them. I’m talking about unlocking the power of targeting. In this episode, we unravel the art of targeting, breaking it into two segments: cold and warm audiences.

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Episode 24 Summary

  • You’ve decided you want to run ads for your small business. Those ads could be on Facebook or Instagram. They could be on Pinterest. They could be on LinkedIn. Whichever social media platform you want to run ads on, you’ll need to designate which users you are targeting for those ads.
  • To help your ads perform as well as possible and get you the most results for your ad spend, dialing in exactly who you want to be shown your ads while they are scrolling their social feeds is one critical part of the equation. That’s your targeting.
  • Targeting can be broken into two segments: Cold audience targeting and Warm audience targeting.
  • Cold audience targeting means you are reaching people who do not have any awareness of nor experience with your brand or business. Cold audiences are created based on things like geography, age, gender, job titles, education level, and interests. Which social media platform you are using for advertising will dictate what kind of targeting options you have. On LinkedIn, for example, you can target people based on their job title or company they work for. On Facebook and Instagram, you can target people based on Business Pages and accounts they follow and interests they have. Here’s an example: If a user follows a major craft store, yarn brand, and online magazine that’s all about crocheting, they would be ideal targets for the learn-to-crochet kits you are selling.
  • Warm audience targeting means you are reaching people who have some knowledge or experience with your brand. It could be a connection as simple as following your social media account or watching one of your videos, or something more significant like being one of your email subscribers or past customers. Warm audiences include email newsletter subscribers or email addresses of existing customers, visitors to your website, people who have watched your videos on social media, people who have interacted with your social media posts or ads, and people who follow your Page or account.
  • If your business is part of a Meta Special Ads Category, warm audiences are your secret weapon in your ad strategy. The special ads category limits your ability to target people’s interests, education levels, income, age, and geography. The Special Ads Categories include: Credit, Employment, Housing, and Politics/Social Issues.
  • In many cases, warm audiences are the most ideal types of audiences to use because these people have already begun moving through the sales process of Know, Like, and Trust. Cold audiences are usually where new businesses start out simply because they don’t have any of the assets like an email subscriber list or large social media following to tap into. Cold audiences are also useful for experienced advertisers who are looking to expand their Reach and exposure.
  • Understanding what Cold and Warm audiences are, and what comprises each, is the first step when developing your ads targeting strategy.

Episode 24 Takeaways

Liz: New advertisers run into the most hurdles with cold audiences. Don’t throw everything plus the kitchen sink into a single audience.

Ronda: Always test your cold audiences! And work to breakdown your warm audience lists (when large enough) to be more focused.

Resources: Social Media Ads 101, Facebook Ads 101

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