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Real Talk, No Fluff

The podcast for small business owners who seek simple, straight-forward digital marketing advice

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Get to know Liz and Ronda, and their “why” behind Real Talk, No Fluff.

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Welcome to the Real Talk, No Fluff podcast, where two seasoned digital marketers come together to share practical, realistic, and straight-forward advice with small and medium business owners eager to understand the Whats, Whys, and Hows of establishing and growing their online presence

About Us

Liz’s and Ronda’s careers both began in the corporate marketing world before they each began their own online marketing business. Between the two of them, they have deep knowledge and experience with online marketing specialties like social media, social ads, business blogging, reputation management, SEO, email marketing, managing websites, integrated marketing strategies, and more. 

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Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming

And we’ve set out to prove that to you. We are demystifying the acronyms and tech terms, and blowing through the “must dos” to uncover the real things that matter to you and your business. It’s easy to get caught up chasing shiny objects and in the next hottest trend, but we’re here to help center you, with simple, straight-forward advice.